Cold Goulash?

The goulash has not been stirred for a few days due to illness. But cold? Hardly. Temperatures here have peaked near 105F for the past 3 days. The AC can't even begin to keep up with it. So we've been retreating to our bedrooms, the coolest part of the house, with cold drinks and good books. The kitchen goes unused except to turn out salads and smoothies. The office with 5 PC's is a great place to be, if you're in the mood for a sauna. There's been rumors that the heat will break, but at 10am, it's already in the 90's. Promises of rain too. Hopefully, they will become a reality soon and life will get back to normal.

Convictions? Yes, it will be back soon. Maybe a new installment next weekend, if the weather cooperates.

Stay cool.


  1. I hope you are feeling better and that the temperature becmes more reasonable.

  2. Hope you're cooler...but I must admit, I'm a bit jealous as our summer on the west coast is a little slow in getting into high gear! I just dropped by, found you and glad I did! Chere Michelle


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