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I don’t recommend moving at Christmas time. It’s not much fun the rest of the year, but a holiday move has got to be high on the stress level list. On the other hand, it’s probably no worse than trying to celebrate the holidays, knowing that you need to move and don’t have a place to go to. In the end, I’m glad we bit the bullet and completed the move before Christmas.
We finished clearing our old residence on Friday night, but the speed of the move meant our packing was less than organized. Exhausted, we slumped in our recliners and had a dinner of chips and dips. We rallied on Saturday morning and began finding essential items – coffee was first on the list. We managed to clear a space in the living room for a Christmas tree, although the lights were MIA. Calico finally gave up looking and bought some more. I got online and ordered a Wacom drawing tablet for Miss Muffin with promised delivery of Monday – for an extra shipping fee, of course. We spent the days before Christmas alter…

Questions and Answers

The headless snowmobiler was winter’s answer to harvest tales of Ichabod Crane.  

Do these snow pants make my butt look big?  

“She was last seen headed down that path singing Follow The Yellow Brick Road.”
“Hmm, all I see is a brown dog and a yellow trickle.”


Apologies to anyone, who may have owned and loved a doll like this. Something about her face is just downright creepy!

Red didn’t want to face the bargain bin, especially for a third year. Maybe some little girl would see that beauty was only plastic deep.

Nobody would buy those strange dolls. In desperation, the manager offered a cash bonus for the employee who sold the most.

Who could reproach the creativity of an associate, who sold out the lot by posting a single sign?

This week’s word was reproach

'Tis The Season

For 10 years, they’d lived so close, but never met ‘til they spent a frigid night in a store lot, waiting for the Black Friday sale to open.

Sue grinned as she rode by in a packed sleigh. She’d ripped the last SliceDice from her hands and tripped him as he raced towards the toys.
Two robust thugs waited around the bend for the sleigh.
Quick shopping and no lines!