Double Duty

Don't remember what I was doing last week, but I missed the Three Word Wednesday challenge. I didn't discover this until I went to post today and realized that I had used last week's words. Hate to waste them, so here's two weeks worth.

A Different God

Who judges what’s right or wrong? Surely not the gracious deity, who had provided him with an early nightfall and escape from his pursuers. Relaxing in the safety of his hideout, the thief began to count the rewards of his exploit.

Right before my eyes,
it met an untimely demise.

No effort was made at revival.
Who cheers a mosquito's survival?


Three Word Wednesday. is a meme that challenges writers to create something using three selected words. This week's words are judgenightfall and safety.  Last week's were demise, effort and revival. Click on the link to view other entries or submit your own.


  1. Fine work, both, great economy of words.

  2. Think the second was beautifully written. The first was music to my ears thanks :)
    I don't usually do this--pimp my work but this is an article I wrote, on NLD, that inspired my memoir

  3. It was the second one, or maybe the first.... the 'mosquito' anyway..... that rang a bell with me.

  4. The second one was great. The first ... I think the thief is laboring, as they say, under a misapprehension (pun intended).

  5. I love them both, and I am so glad you decided to do last week's today as well. Love the mosquito's demise.

  6. hehehehe I loved both the 55ers. Amazing take on the prompts. How creative!
    The mosquitoes' demise is deliberated and celebrated I think..LOL
    And truly what better place than your own fav' deity to take refuge with?!! Dont most do that after committing harmless crimes once in a while..LOL

  7. Fun read. Love and Light, Sender

  8. Very nice! I haven't played 3 word in a long time. You did very well!


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