The Dog Ate My Posts

Why haven't I been posting? Didn't the title tell it all?

Okay. There's probably more to the story. Or maybe less. But it's not nice to blame our sweet border collie, who has no interest in virtual meals. Let me try again.

My health isn't the best to begin with and hot weather makes it worse. 2010 was the hottest summer of my life with temps over 100 for many weeks and a heat index that climbed into the 120's. Cooler inside, of course, but still approaching 90 degrees on many days. It was a rare day when I felt sharp enough to get my thoughts together and write something.

I'm a creature of habit. I had posted every day since starting the blog. I know myself. If I miss one day, another will follow. Soon there will be blogless weeks and months. And there were.

Blogging is like housekeeping. Do a bit each day and it's not that hard. Skip a few weeks and you're buried in chaos, unsure what to tackle first. Half of October has been spent trying to sort that out. The blogging at least, the house is still pretty chaotic.

So what's been sorted out? Tune in tomorrow and I'll tell you.


  1. I think we all go through that. I hope your health is getting better my friend :) Maybe the upcoming cooler weather will help you. I so hear ya when it gets away it's like where do I begin. For me I just start from the day I come back and let the rest go. I've gone through frustrating periods when I first started blogging thinking I HAD to keep up. Well guess what I don't. The world still revolves around the sun, we still have 24 hours in a day and life goes on. Welcome back at whatever speed you want to go. But I always say take care of yourself first and foremost :)


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