A Glimpse of the Future

Yesterday, our dog was exonerated of any wrong doing in the absence of  posts from my blog. Today, we're looking straight ahead.  Really straight.  No looking back at previous posts.  No participation in favorite memes.  No work on Convictions. 

National Novel Writing Month is just a couple weeks away. My daughter, a participant in previous years, is already brainstorming her next novel. I've decided to join her at this event with the hopes of writing a rough draft of a new novel, Essentials. Check out the link and consider joining us in this challenge.

The rest of October will be devoted to a rough outline of my new story and a little research. I'll share some of that next week.

Am I dumping poor Beth? Leaving her at Redemption House, forever at the mercy of the evil Pastor Bob? Check back tomorrow to find out.



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