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Thursday Thirteen - Grandma is not listless anymore

A few days ago, I explained why I no longer make New Year's resolutions. One reason involved the demotivating effect of contemplating all my imperfections. Today I decided to make a list of things that I don't need to improve on. I feared that I might not reach thirteen. But they came pretty quickly:

1. My sense of humor
I got it from my father and it's sustained me through hard times. It also makes my daily life a lot lighter.

2. My coding skills
After 40 years of computer programming, they are almost second nature. And I still enjoy it.

3. My loyalty
My definition of friend is a lot more conservative than MySpace's. But I'm there for those I love.

4. My playfulness
According to my granddaughter. She didn't use the word "playfulness", but she did mention a large number of informal games that we play: snatching jelly beans from her belly button, claiming her security blanket (tiki) is mine, singing silly songs ... the list is endless. I'm not sure which of us enjoys them more.

5. My driving skills
I lived and commuted in Atlanta for 12 years. I only know of one other person who lived there and didn't have an accident in that time - my daughter.

6. My perseverance
In my working days, I was frequently asked how I managed to find solutions to problems that had perplexed others. My response was, "It's not hard to find folks who are smarter than I am. And even easier to find those who are faster. But you'll look a long time before you find someone with more perseverance." Thomas Edison claimed that he had learned 2000 ways NOT to make a light bulb, before the working model made it's appearance. I believe in that approach.

7. My rebelliousness
I never thought of myself as a rebel, but lots of folks have used that term to describe me. Usually it's with a sense of admiration. I've just made the choices that I felt were best for me. Yes, they've been a bit unconventional at times.

8. My love for animals
We've always had a house full of pets. I even devote a fair amount of time to caring for virtual ones.

9. My addiction to American Idol
I'm really hooked! And it's returning soon!

10. My kindness
That's what my daughter said. I wouldn't have thought of it, but I'm pleased that she thinks so.

11. My cooking skills
I don't do much of it these days. A stroke has left me too unsteady to handle many of the things I loved to do. But I still have the skill and I'm happy that I passed it on. Talk about an investment with a great return.

12. My analytical skills
Closely related to my curiosity. I always want to know why. Must have driven my parents crazy.

13. My sense of adventure
Another contribution from my daughter. And who should know better? We've made some major changes together and had fun doing it. We also enjoy small adventures in our everyday lives.

Wow! I'm feeling a lot better about myself than I did 15 minutes ago. Looking for a mood lifter? Give this a try. Beats the overindulgence in alcohol that is so predominant at this time.


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  1. Grandma, you've got it all! Happy T-13, and Happy New Year!

  2. Great idea for a mood lifter, and great list as well. You have many attributes to feel good about and celebrate.

  3. I love this upbeat analysis instead of resolutions. You are truly blessed. btw, I was in Atlanta once. That was enough. Your interstate traffic is crazy fast.

  4. Great list.

    It's not how many times you fell, it's how many times you get up.

  5. Looks like you have many wonderful skills. Happy New Year.

  6. Wow! Accident-free in Atl. for 12 years!
    Happy New Year to you :)

  7. Remember the laughter,
    the joy,
    the hard work,
    and the tears.

    And as you reflect on the past year,
    also think of the new one to come.

    Because most importantly,
    this is a time of new beginnings
    and the celebration of life.

    I wish you...

  8. Got to admit that I like the traffic in the new city better. Haven't I always told you you're the best Mommy ever! Shhh... Don't tell Dreia.


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