Animal Rescuers

We have always loved our pets. Never turned away from an animal in need. But we went a bit over the edge yesterday. Yeah, I'm blushing as I relate this silly story.

Have you ever heard of SuperPoke Pets? It's a nifty little web application that let's you adopt a virtual pet, name it and care for it. You are awarded coins for various activities, such as caring for other folks pets in addition to your own. Then you can use these coins at the Pet Shop and buy all sorts of extravagant things for your pet. Various rooms and settings for them to "live" in, furniture, toys and clothes. You can adopt one pet per email address. Needless to say, if you have multiple email addresses, you can acquire a sizable family of pets.

We adopted several pets and had a lot of fun with them. But caring for them proved to be quite a time consumer. In the midst of moving last summer, there just wasn't enough time to care for all of them. So several accounts were removed and the virtual pet family achieved a more reasonable size. We got busy packing and moved on.

Recently we made a startling discovery. Although the pets had been disassociated from our email addresses, they were not gone. Instead they continued to live on in cyberland. Standing in the middle of a field - hungry, dirty, dejected, abandoned. My heart broke each time I saw one.

Yesterday, my daughter figured out how to retrieve the abandoned pets. We cleaned and cared for these poor little guys. Our current pets checked their storage areas for spare rooms, clothes and furnishings and donated them to the cause. Rooms were setup and decorated. Not much else got done yesterday, but by evening those sweet little guys were out of the fields and living in relative splendor.

They aren't real? Yeah, I knew that.

Pet Picture



  1. You just had to out us didn't you. What I can't believe is that over the course of about two weeks I went from caring for no virtual pets to caring for five virtual pets. I hang my head in shame... ~ Calico Contemplations


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