Alcohol Rates . . .

high in New Year themed clip art. I was searching for some clip art for my website. I found Father Time, the New Year's baby, fireworks, confetti and music. But the predominant theme was alcoholic beverages.

I guess that's not very surprising. Just a reflection of what's happening in real life. But it is scary. The New Year holiday ranks high in the statistics for highway accidents. Even higher when the holiday becomes part of a weekend. Fatalities increase when alcohol consumption is involved and it is involved in the majority of New Year's accidents.

Don't Drink and Drive is a fine motto, but for this holiday, it doesn't go far enough. Don't Drive makes far more sense. Inconvenient? Perhaps. But you can't become a part of those statistics if you stay off the road.

How does your life rate? Enough to get those errands done before the holiday? Enough to try something different? Twenty years ago, I made a decision to see the new year in at home. I've enjoyed those celebrations. And it's been a decision I've found easy to live with.



  1. I agree with you 100%. Deaths caused by drinking and driving are so avoidable if people would just stay home or have a designated driver.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Skittles.

    Even a sober driver may not be able to avoid a collision with an inebriated one. Good cause to stay in for this holiday.

  3. I always think it might be fun to do something on New Year's Eve but nothing I see is ever worth risking my life or anyone else's for that matter. ~ Calico Contemplations


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