The Dog's List

"What do you want for Christmas?"

How I dread that question. As the requester waits for a response, my mind goes blank.  A couple of ideas flit by.  One is too much to ask for, another is too trivial.  What do I want for Christmas?  Why not ask what I want from life?  You've got the same odds of getting a response.

Our dog has no trouble with questions like this.  No, he hasn't written his own list, but I know just what it would say:
  • I want a promise that I will never be left home alone. Take me with you or don't go.
  • I'd like some new SB's. You know how fast they wear out. (SB stands for Slobber Ball. A tennis ball that has been carried around in his mouth for so long that it could hydrate a few deserts.)
  • A coupon reedemable for daily fetching sessions.
  • And another one to let me skip bathes.
  • A few opportunities to escape from the yard. I treasure the opportunity to crash a backyard barbeque or take a dip in an algae ladden pond. Guess it goes without saying that I'll be using one of those "Skip A Bath" cards when I return.
  • I'd like a spot on the bed for those cold nights. A blanket and a pillow are optional, but they'd make me very happy.
  • From the cats, I'd appreciate a little respect.  Not likely,  I realize, but this is a wish list.
What do I want for Christmas?  I'd like a life with the clarity of my dog's.

Not likely, I realize.  But this is a wish list.



  1. Isn't it great that at least a few of us in the house know what we want, and I'm not claiming to be one of them.


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