Love It, Hate It

I have a love/hate relationship with Christmas:

I love getting cards and news from family and friends.
I hate sending them.

I love the brightly decorated stores.
I hate the long lines and the broken budget.

I love the brightly lit tree and the warm vibrant decorations that fill the house.
I hate the boxes and clutter that precede and follow it

I love listening to the Christmas music on the radio.
I hate listening to Christmas Shoes and Pretty Little Dolly.

I love the look of excitement and belief on my grandaugher's face.
I hate the thought of the last minute mail she will send to Santa. You know, that overpriced and unavailable toy that she's suddenly decided she should have put on the list she wrote two weeks ago.

I love the wonderful smells of all the traditional Christmas recipes,especially the Christmas cookies.
I hate where those cookies are headed - my waist, my hips, etc., etc.

I love that pretty covering of white snow for Christmas day.
I hate that I'm unlikely to get it. Wet drizzle just isn't a delightful substitute.

I love when Christmas is over. No more shopping, cooking, decorations and squabbling relatives.
I hate that it will be a whole year before it comes again.



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