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Were you considered popular in high school? Why or why not?
I did not consider myself popular. I was a chubby geek girl and certainly not pursued by the guys. In my wildest dreams, I hoped that someone would ask me to the senior prom. It never happened. I had a few girlfriends, but was never part of a clique. I was a class officer and also a National Honor Society officer. In both elections, I prevailed over students who seemed far more popular. I'm not sure why. Perhaps I'd just offended fewer people.

How old are you in your dreams?
About five years younger than I am now. I became disabled five years ago, when a virus damaged my heart. The disability puts some pretty severe limitations on my physical abilities. I'm never disabled in my dreams. Guess that's my mind's way of giving me freedom that I don't have when I'm awake.

Did you ever run away from home? Why or why not?
Yes. My brother and I had a disagreement. My mother took my brother's side. I felt very wronged and announced that I would run away. She didn't take me seriously, which really upset me. So off I went. I walked for over three hours carrying a blanket that held my most prized belongings. Finally, a barking dog scared me and it's owner realized that something was wrong. She talked to me and returned me to my frantic parents. Everyone had been searching for me, but no one had believed that a six year old girl would walk over 8 miles.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the virus. Aren't dreams the best?


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