Lost In Space

Where could it be? Not behind the daybed nor in the storage area beneath. Not anywhere on the high bookshelves. Two small kitchen cabinets yield nothing but dishes. The tiny studio's single closet is the only remaining possibility. Trembling with apprehension, she approaches the narrow door. Tentatively, she touches the door handle, then quickly pulls back. She has heard stories. And she believes them. Struggling to control her terror, she approaches again and flings it open.

How silly! There's nothing to fear here. Just floor to ceiling shelves, filled with the accumulation of ten years. The search might take a bit, but nothing to fear at all. Be methodical. Start at the bottom and work up. Begin with that large box. Stuck. Try again. Ah, here it comes.

Avalanche. Tottering shelves hurl their contents. A large brass trophy jettisons from the pinnacle towards her head.

Blackness. Endless blackness. It's what they'd predicted, but it's not frightening. Years of constricting city crowds. Years of claustrophobic living quarters. Gone. She relaxes and drifts away, blissfully lost in the endless space.


Nessa at the Chrysalis Stage is hosting a new meme called Tales on Tuesday. This week's theme is Lost in Space. Hope you'll head on over and check out the other submissions. Or enter your own.


  1. Ah, very nice. You make it sound so peaceful, so wonderful. No more stress and worry. Great story and thanks for playing.

    Tales on Tuesday - Lost in Space

  2. great! you've added suspense and drama and catharsis to a simple accident. loved it!

  3. Great piece. You took me from drama to devastation!

  4. WOW.. you are such a prolific writer. I love the ending... was thinking it was going to be a sad ending... Thank you so much for your kind words.. I really have such a HUGE problem with my writing.. I do not even know how to write a proper essay....just my thoughts. Thank you so much for your encouragement and patience. hugs, shakira

  5. I would like to invite you to join us for the WEEKEND FUNNIES , a new meme I started two weekends' ago....

  6. Once upon a time that could have been my ending. I used to be the clutter queen. Now I keep only what I can use (mostly) and the towering stacks of "maybe someday" are gone.

  7. Great story my friend. I thought for sure it was going to have more of an evil ending. I can so picture all that stuff falling down. At least that gives one incentive to clean up your closet.:) Well done :)


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