Three Plus Ten

Thursday Thirteen - Grandma isn't listless anymore

Ever worked especially hard on a post and been rewarded with no comments? I've had more than one of those days and they sure can be discouraging. So imagine my surprise and pleasure when I received three blog awards in the space of two days. I'd like to acknowledge the bloggers who sent these awards and pass them on to ten new recipients. 'Cause three plus ten is ?

I'm not much into rules, regulations and fine print. But if you're interested, just click the award image to get more details.

Queen Bug has been a faithful supporter of my blog and in particular of my budding novel, Convictions. She has her own lovely blog, The Dysfunction of Motherhood. Her tales of everyday life with her two young daughters are very real and very captivating. Thanks for the One Lovely Blog Award, Queen Bug. I'll try to write the novel a little faster.

One Lovely Blog Recipients:

  1. Dallas Miao'd Like an old recipe, it has a pinch of this and a tad of that. It's an interesting mixture and I keep coming back for another taste.

  2. Julie's blogs are rich with written and photographic stories. I couldn't pick my favorite. Can you?
    Hither & thither
    Sydney Eye
    Plumbing The Deeps

If you've ever been to Holiday Haven, you know why Jessa Irene received the Sunshine Blog award. I'm so pleased that she has included me as a recipient. More on her in just a bit.

Sunshine Award Recipients:

  1. Mom's can be biased, but you should really check out Calico's site. Beautiful photos, fun crafts, homeschooling information, book reviews and music, including coverage of the current American Idol season. I'm still exploring the depths of Calico Contemplations.

  2. Forgetfulone is a charming potpourri that is sure to bring a smile. It certainly adds sunshine to my day.

  3. Beyond The Blog is Anthony North's wonderful weekly magazine. His fine writing and delightful wit keep me coming back for more.

  4. I'm still thanking Thursday Thirteen for introducing me to I Blog The Body Electric. Dane Bramage has some wonderful lists. If you missed his "13 Fun Facts About Walking" you have to go back and check it out. I haven't stopped laughing since I read it.

Alice Audrey is a recently published author and I'm honored that she's sent the Kreativ Blogger award to me. If you've never been to Alice's site, you should start now. There's plenty of wonderful reading. For a very special treat, check out Suzie's House while you are there.

Kreativ Award Recipients:

  1. I'm not a scrapbooker (yet), but I love to visit Expressive Papers It's images are crisp and pretty. Sure, you can purchase Jan's lovely products, but don't stop there. The site is a treasure of inspiration for color and layout.

  2. Holiday Haven isn't just for holidays. Jessa's site contains many fun and inexpensive ways to celebrate family events as well as holidays. I really enjoy the pictures of crafts, as well as the narrative.

  3. There is no place like home Kelli's site features beautiful photos of food, crafts and home. She includes the recipes too. I could spend hours there, but eventually all those beautiful food pics send me to the kitchen!

Congratulations to all. All nine of you, that is. Hmm, Grandma had planned on ten. Sorry, Guess I owe you one!


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  1. Thanks for the award, although comments are reward enough for me.
    Always a pleasure to visit.

  2. Wow I am honored you gave me an award. Thanks so much it is very appreciated. Now I have to go untie Kanye West. He was about to interrupt me.

  3. I am so honored! I adore your blog, too! And several of them on your list. I'm going to check out the ones I've been missing. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

  4. Thanks so much for the award, now I have 3 of these things to respond to!

  5. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, I am honored! What a beautiful award and sweet write-up! Congratulations to you as well. It must have been quite fun to discover them all at once, I am glad to have had a part in that :)

  6. Thank you for this award, Grandma. I appreciate it very much and will check out some of the other recipients over this weekend. I have discovered your Weekend Writers' Retreat and both the topic AND the number of participants (!) is attractive to me. I will work up a post for the next Retreat and post it my Sunday morning. Once again, I thank you.

  7. Congrats on the awards! They are always nice to receive.

  8. awww I like it when people get awards.

  9. I love finding new blogs, so I will be checking these out!!

  10. Glad you forwarded the award... you gave me some new blogs to look at! ;)


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