My Cup Runneth Over

What an evocative phrase. Some of the images it stirs, however, are far from biblical.

Overfilled coffee cup
The coffee is steaming and you'd love a sip. But every attempt to get it near your lips is rewarded with a lava-like spill down the side. At home, I just start spooning some or get my head closer to the cup. In public, I just start spooning some or get my head closer to the cup. Pretentiousness was not meant to co-exist with caffeine addiction.

Overflowing water
No, not in some hidden woodland waterfall. The kind that arrives unexpectedly and turns your home into a swimming pool. Given the flooding and plumbing problems we've experienced  recently, I guess that's not surprising. But it's well worth forgetting.

Double decker bosom
Created from a bra cup that's just too small. I remember attending a friend's wedding. I'd bought a new dress, got a new hair style and thought I looked mighty fine. At least until I caught a side view in the restroom mirror. I don't care what they say, size does matter.

Half a glass of water
The opposite of an overflowing cup and a favorite pop psychology test. See the glass as half  full and you are an optimist. The pessimist will perceive it as half empty. They forgot a third possibility. A realist doesn't waste time with such things. If she's thirsty, she'll get a refill.

And the biblical sense? Probably best left to the theologians.  But for me, it speaks of abundance.  It's good to smell the roses. To look around and see the comforts of my home and the love of my family. To embrace life's fullness and ignore it's distractions. To curl up in a comfy chair with a cup of tea in my hand, a warm cat at my feet and a friend by my side. My cup runneth over.


Today's post was inspired by Heads Or Tails where today's theme is Cup. Go see how others used this theme. Or come up with one of your own.


  1. A deep felt but fun post. Enjoyed that. As an optimist I always have a second cup close by :-)

  2. Size does matter? They say that dynamite comes in small packages y'know!!!

    Thanks for visiting --

  3. i never thought of it that way you are right

  4. Sorry to hear about the flooding! Hope it's all sorted out now. Love the biblical sense! Works for me too!

  5. Great post.

    thanks for stopping by.

  6. Ha! Too funny. I have a little award/game for you today on my blog!

  7. My cup runneth over was my first thought, but I couldn't do it justice like you did. Great post!

  8. you have a lot of inspiring stuffs here..thanks for sharing...Is Goulash in your title, a German food?
    Simply The Best
    Daily Nourishment


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