Virtually Obsessed

My goulash contains a large portion of virtual pet obsession. If you love cute little critters, beware of Superpoke Pets. It is so addictive. I keep repeating "They aren't real. They aren't real." Then I race out to make sure that all my pets have been properly cared for, have plenty of friends and possess all the latest items from the Pet Shop.

Pets have gardens too. They can keep the items they grow or recycle them for coins. Then, of course, the coins are used to buy more goodies at the Pet Shop. I'll admit this loses something in the translation. Only those who have experienced this virtual mania can truly understand.

Today, some of my favorite seeds were discontinued at the Pet Shop. What should I do? To answer the question, I created a spreadsheet of crops and their potential recycle values. I'm even including a link here for my SPP addicted friends.
SPP Crop Values

Yes, I can see a bunch of you shaking your heads in disbelief. But Grandma doesn't care. She's off to play with her pets.


For more pics, hop on over to Wordless Wednesday.


  1. Oh, no. Another thing i can't look at. Way too tempting.

  2. LOL, too cute! If I had the time, I'd be playing with them too! =)
    Following you on Google Friend connect now!

  3. Hello from Norway,
    we have only one kinde of Pets in our Family:
    And sinece July 17 last year and again in December 1:
    2 breeds.
    All the kittens have new wonderful homes now.
    None of them living as a childs kittie, but in real ahomes with other Cats/kittens.

    Greetings from
    T in

  4. My wife also shakes her head when the kids and I talk about superheroes. She's the only person in our family who isn't into superheroes. There must be something wrong with her.

  5. I'm very concerned about your wife. Do you think that counseling would help? :-)

  6. Thanks for figuring out the crop values, I have a few hundred of the old goodies; but sooner or later I will need to make a change.


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