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Since beginning Convictions, I've learned how easily characters take on a life of their own. Cassandra, for example, was never intended to appear in more than one chapter. I envisioned her as a pretty bad character, perhaps even running a drug operation from Redemption House. Turns out she's a bit naughty, but has a good heart.

There are a number of minor characters in the book. Some could be seen once and disappear. Some could be developed more. I thought it would be fun to let readers give some input on a few of these characters. So I'm going to start posting a story character once a week and ask for your thoughts.

What, if anything, would you like to know about this character?

What type of person do you think they are?

What kind of interactions should they have with the main characters?

Today's character is Beth's parole officer, Jane Watkins. She has only appeared once – in Installment #7. Beth has weekly parole visits. Should we see more of Officer Watkins? Does she have a story we'd like to hear?

Let me know your thoughts. Sorry, no prizes. But if I use your idea, I will give you credit at the end of a Convictions installment. Here's your chance to shape the story.



  1. She's female, and she's a parole officer. Tough job... why did she decided to be a parole officer? And what did she really want to do with her life before.. you know.. the dream you have as a child about your adult life.


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