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Thursday Thirteen - Grandma isn't listless anymore
Yesterday I wrote about my obsession with virtual pets. It's not my first obsession, of course. Here's 13 more.
  1. Reading. "Put down that book and go outside to play." was my mother's mantra from the time I was 7 years old. I learned how to sneak a book out of the house and read it while sitting on a swing or perched on a tree branch.
  2. Baking. Probably fueled by my love of sweets. In fourth grade, I won my first blue ribbon at the local fair.
  3. Cryptograms. As a kid, I loved secret codes and was always devising a new one. When our newspaper started presenting a daily cryptogram, I was hooked. Now I have cryptogram software on my computer.
  4. Algebra. Yes, you heard correctly. I was addicted from the first day of class. "If a train leaves Station A traveling at 60mph..." Each solution was a logical triumph, rivaling any runner crossing the finish line. I still use algebra to solve everyday problems.
  5. Needlework. I enjoyed sewing, knitting, crewel and cross stitch from an early age. Interesting,since my mother didn't enjoy any of these. I gained most of my skills from her mother. Guess it must have skipped a generation.
  6. Camping. Not the summer camp kind. I hated all that organized activity. But in adulthood I began camping and hiking in the quietest natural spots I could find. My family did not share this obsession. Occasionally, I'd go with a friend, but most of the time I camped alone. Many people were shocked, but I loved the break from the noise and stress of the everyday world.
  7. Computers. The affair began when I met my first one at a college science fair. It has lasted a lifetime. I love solving problems and writing code. How fortunate to spend my career being paid to play.
  8. Computer Games. Not too surprising, I trust. I fondly recall typing Basic into my home computer to create my first virtual game. Time has not dimmed my enthusiasm. Solitaire, QBz and Penguin Diner are some of my favorites.
  9. Soap Operas. Thankfully, I'm no longer obsessed with these, but at the height of my obsession, I would schedule my activities around my favorite ones.
  10. Graphics. Added since retirement. I can loose myself for hours while creating a graphic image. I have never done well with real life art media, but have much better results with the virtual. I worship the Undo button.
  11. Walking. I hated sports and going to the gym. Exercise was evil incarnate. Then I discovered walking and it became part of my daily life. I did it because I loved it. Weight loss was an unexpected bonus.
  12. TV Medical Shows. This is another retirement interest. I don't get much enjoyment in focusing on my own health problems, but I do love all the medical dramas. House, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy. All are far more exciting than real life ailments.
  13. Trips to the movie theater were rare events in my youth. I overcompensated as an adult. A daily visit was not unusual. On weekends, I would happily attend both a matinee and an evening show.

And, of course, there are the virtual pets. Hope you'll excuse me now, they're waiting to be fed.


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  1. When I was a kid I would hold my books under my desk to read. I was always finishing my work really fast, but sometimes I would read while the teacher was talking.

  2. My mother said the same thing to me about books when I was growing up. I would read them at recess, during class, at home, outside, every chance I got. My mother used to ground me from books when I got into trouble. She knew it was the once area in my life that I enjoyed and knew it would have the most impact.

  3. I haven't done much camping in the last few years. Something about the constant complaints from the kids takes away from the peace and joy of it. I calculate five more years and I can start up again.

  4. Yep, heard the same thing about books as a kid! And I love my computer and computer games. I like RPG games - I once spent an entire weekend completely lost in Morrowind. I think I only came up for air twice.

  5. That's a lot of obsessions. A full life. Good on you.

  6. Reading is a biggy. People still tell me to put down my books. Don't listen.

    I was accepted in the Army as a code breaker. I didn't join. I don't follow orders well.

    I do like math.

    I love any kind of hand needle work.

    Never cared for soap operas.

    I watched House for a while because I like Hugh Laurey (sp) but I'm not into medical things. I like science though.

    And we go camping but since we pull a hotel I'm not sure it really qualifies. But there is usually a campfire. ;)

  7. I love QB'z! And reading, soap operas, and medical shows. I remember having to learn Basic, and I never understood it, so that's a difference! This was a fun T13!

  8. I don't think books and reading are such a bad obsession. :)

  9. I liked to write with invisible ink, lol ! that's at least I had been told, using lemon juice ! Computer games are not my cup of tea either and I always hated sport too. But I do yoga now.

  10. Algebra! That would be my favorite math, yes. I love making the equation balance.

  11. Hey- I like your obsessions.

    Have a great Saturday!


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