All In The Family

Kelti loved all their celebrations. Still, she had known that this one would be special.

For days the women had searched woods and fields to gather nuts, grains, and berries. Kelti and her sister had helped make flour, pounding the grain for hours until it became soft and fine. They had watched closely as it was transformed into loaves of bread, some enhanced with the delicious berries and nuts. The tantalizing smell had wafted through the air as the loaves baked over the fire. Her brothers had joined the other young men, hauling water from the river to fill the huge pots. Her mother had carefully tended the fire underneath. Finally, the men brought the meat and added it to the steaming pots. For hours her mouth had watered with anticipation. Finally it was ready.

As was their custom, the tribe formed a circle around the cooking area. Their leader offered thanks to the gods. They raised their voices in song and danced around the fires. At last they sank to the ground. Hardly a word was spoken as they shared the crusty breads and speared chunks of steaming meat from the pot. Kelti's heart was warmed by the closeness of her tribe and the love of her family. Especially her beloved uncle, Yetto. She took another bite of meat, savoring the flavor. He was truly delicious.


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  1. How insanely delicious this looksee at a day in the life has been! LOL! (This read would make a great intro to a cookbook. With that being said, today, I christen thee Grandma Crocker. "Betty" for short. LOL!)

  2. I hope Kelti feels that fondly of her family when it is her turn in the pot. LOL!

  3. OMG the Donner Party as I live and breath. This is just wonderful. Guess she didn't need any salt and pepper :) Loved this my friend. Very well done :)

  4. Oh dear. Poor Uncle Yetto!
    What a lovely tale, G!

  5. Wow, that must be the third cannibal story I've read in two days! :) Must be that time of year...for spring feasts, that is :D Good job

  6. my, what a meal!
    this was a great story, and LOL to quilly's comment!

  7. Delicious perhaps...but a very dangerous place to live. Must sleep with one eye open.

  8. Good one, but just you remember who does the cooking in this house!

  9. Oh this was awesome! Tastes just like chicken :)


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