Grandma Tidbits #5

What are you grateful for today?
Life. Here's a small rhyme I wrote a couple months ago that says it well:

When I was young, I'd wonder why
bad times would come to make me cry.
What had I done? What was the cause?
Were these the fruits of divine laws?

Now that I'm old, each day's a gift:
the good, the bad, the subtle rift.
My life flows swift towards end of time
and I am glad that they are mine.

What's missing in your life?
A fully functioning heart. My damaged one doesn't pump blood effectively. That creates other health problems and restricts what I can do physically. But even so, my life is good. If I'm missing anything else, I guess it's too insignificant to remember.

Has the conflict and harm religion has caused outweighed the good it has produced?
Conflict is a constant in our world. Religion is one of the excuses used for conflict. I think the same holds true of good. The world is filled with good people and loving actions. Some are the product of religious belief, some are not.


Check out Manic Monday for more answers to these questions. Or join in the fun and add your own answers


  1. I really like your poem. I like the philosophy behind it, which I live by, even a young whippersnapper like me.

  2. Good for you, Julia. Sounds like you got smarter a lot faster than I did!


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