We had some unidentified bushes at the front of the house. The new leaves are very pretty, a bright red. I'd seen similar ones, although much larger, in Atlanta. The red leaves turn to green as they get older. They have a fairly glossy look and are oval-shape with a point at the top. I had never seen these in my northern years. Red leaves came in the fall.

I started searching and came up with the Red Leaf Photinia as my best candidate. I think that's what we have, but I'd be interested to hear any other ideas my readers might have.

We plan on keeping them, they are quite beautiful, though badly in need of some pruning. We'd hate to cut those beautiful new branches, but I wonder what is the best time to do it. At the minute, I can't go down the walkway to the car without being poked.

In the virtual world, I did a bit of pruning today. "Friends" are fairly transient there and if they aren't playing with my virtual pet, it's time for them to go. If only the rest of life were that simple.

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