The Golden Girls

Mary Smith hurried past her mother and headed to her bedroom. It was the easiest way to avoid questions about her day. Not to mention the freshly baked cookies. Bad enough that she was plain, she didn't need to be fat too. Her day had not been good. Like her life, it had been average. Average grades, average looks, average friends.

What would you expect when a clerk named Jane Brown married Bob Smith, auto parts associate? Just what they had. A small rented bungalow in a tired neighborhood. Homemade clothes. Vacation trips to the local beach. And an average child named Mary.

Why not Tiffany or Crystal or Jewel? Girls with those names lived differently. Homes resembling small mansions. Designer clothes. European vacations. Looks, brains, popularity. As if some leprechaun had sprinkled them with enchanted gold dust. Why couldn't she be a golden girl? .

Suddenly inspired, she grabbed a blank pad of paper and stretched out on her bed.

I, Mary Smith, hereby change my name to Tiffany Worthington.

Was it legal? Would it make a difference? She closed her eyes for just a minute.

A tap at the door awoke her. A maid set a tray by her bed.

"Here's your breakfast, Miss Tiffany."

The luxurious bedroom was bigger than her house. The mirror reflected long golden hair and a perfect face. Dreaming, of course, but she planned on enjoying it. Eat every bite of that calorie-laden breakfast. Raid the huge closet and try the designer outfits. Perhaps she'd experience an entire day as a golden girl before she awoke.

"Tiffany!" Crystal looked shocked and repulsed.
"You wore that outfit last month. What are people going to think?"
A quick retreat. "Gotta run."

Honor classes weren't easy. A "D" on this composition? It's better than anything I've ever written. Jewel and Amber are pointing at me. Probably the outfit. Do I have other friends? I'm going to find Jenny. She may be average, but she's kind. Wait, she's having lunch with ...   Me? Only it's not me, it's Mary. This is a weird dream. I've been watching too many of those body-swap movies. Except they are funny.

Glad that school is out and I'm heading home to the mansion. Wish I could wake up now.

"What's that, Clarice? Dinner in my room? No, I'm tired of eating alone. Where are my parents?"

"Oh yes, Dad's still doing business in China. No, I didn't remember that it's one of Mom's nights out. How many does she have?"

"Five or six. Right."

Someone wake me up now. Please. I want to wake up now. Please... Please.

"Great dinner, Mom. I loved the meatloaf."

Tiffany loved the attention too. A mother who asked about her day and baked cookies from scratch. A father who came home to their little bungalow each evening. A true friend. And a new name. "Mary" was so pretty and unpretentious. Who needed empty mansions? Had a leprechaun sprinkled her with enchanted gold dust?

It had to be a dream. But this one had lasted for over a month. Please, don't let me wake up.


Nessa at the Chrysalis Stage is hosting a new meme called Tales on Tuesday. This week's theme is The Golden Girls. Hope you'll head on over and check out the other submissions. Or enter your own.


  1. Ooh, nice twist at the end. As an average girl, with average looks, from an average family - I could relate to Mary's plight. Would have been nice to switch for a day! But being all grown up, I'm now grateful for the life I had.

    OK, just read the blurb about the meme (too early in the morning). Good interpretation, Grandma :)

  2. Boy I didn't see that end coming. Well done my friend. :) Very well done :)

  3. oh, i liked this. we are who we are for a reason...

  4. This was wonderful. I really enjoyed it. I loved the way you turned things around. Things are not always better on the other side.

    * On my story: it was actually 300 or so words longer so i had to cut out a bunch. The golden girls were meant to be blonde and pretty. The golden apples were in Senisa's pockets and they were the tokens the girls spoke about and were found in Senisa's pockets when he was searched at the end.

  5. That was a great story! I have some of the ordinary traits spoken there and found myself learning a lot about myself just now reading this. It's so great to get the benefits of great stories like yours. Thank you for the wonderful way to take a look at ourselves. I have two daughters that will benefit from this story as well. Can't wait to share it with them. Have a great afternoon!

  6. I always enjoy your story and I love the ending..
    Amazing just how we all could actually be in DREAMS and then wake up to HELL?
    Actually that is HOW I cope when I feel like
    I am going through bad times that I will
    wake up ONE DAY!


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