My Favorite Martian

Strangeness was in the air that night. Although the full moon lit the sky, I thought I saw mysterious shadows dance across it's face. Moments later, alien beings invaded the street. These were not the beings of daytime. These could not be creatures of this world. Their shapes and features were so varied that I could not guess their origin. A small green one with tentacles emerged from the crowd. "Not so scary", I thought. Then it came at me with startling speed. "Trick or Treat, Grandma" yelled my favorite Martian.


Nessa at the Chrysalis Stage is hosting a new meme called Tales on Tuesday. This week's theme is My Favorite Martian. Hope you'll head on over and check out the other submissions. Or enter your own.


  1. OMG this was so clever. I didn't see that ending coming. Trick or Treat LOL :) Well done my friend :)


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