The Force

What capricious god controls her mind
and denies access to the vital location?

I can do this. I CAN do this.

She concentrates and tries again.
She fails once more.
Bystanders watch hope ebb from her face.

Wait! Use The Force.

She closes her eyes and clears her mind.
Her hand reaches out.
It hovers, then moves in a random pattern.

She opens her eyes. It has failed her.

"Hey, lady. People are waiting.
You can't negotiate with those things."

She backs away, avoiding the eyes of the crowd.
Easier to look down at the evidence of her rejection.
Invalid PIN. Invalid PIN. Invalid PIN.


Three Word Wednesday. is a meme that challenges writers to create something using three selected words. This week's words are ebb, negotiate and random. Click on the link to view other entries or submit your own.


  1. First, welcome.
    This was a fun read, since recently I couldn't get my card to work. I was putting it in upside-down.

  2. Clever. Very clever

  3. I hate when that happens!!! And you made me feel it over again.


  4. LOL. Enjoyed this. What a hoot. :-D

  5. LOL! How I wish it would work that way!

  6. hahaha May the force be with you!! Great fun.

  7. Oh, I'm laughing. I know that drill...what fun.

  8. Phew, I can never get my pin number right!

    Well played!!


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