The Good Old Days

When had the change occurred?

Sheila couldn't really say. It was more a gradual shift, than a precise moment. Subtle changes in his behavior. A little less attentive. A little less willing to please. Finally, outright defiance of her wishes. Still, she'd never dreamed it would come to this. One moment he was dicing vegetables. The next, he was pursuing her with the knife. She struggles, but soon abandons hope. As she succumbs to the psycho robot, she wistfully remembers simpler days and the harmless blue screen of death.

Three Word Wednesday. is a meme that challenges writers to create something using three selected words. This week's words are gradual, precise and abandon. Click on the link to view other entries or submit your own.


  1. Definitely a home appliance to do without :-)
    Enjoyed that.

  2. psycho robot? Love that phrase

  3. Our worst nightmare...I sometimes think my computer is headed in this direction!


  4. Pscho bot! Dead good!! Hope he/she/it didn't really kill her though!

  5. It's our modern nightmare; the modern version of Frankenstein's monster.

  6. Oh excellent. Concise and humorous.

    I'm looking around my kitchen at all my appliances, wondering if I should unplug them.

    That was really fun.


  7. A vision of the future, perhaps. Delightfully twisted.

  8. Thats was good! Made me laugh out loud.


  9. eek! im staying away from the toaster.. :)

  10. Excellent short story...and love the image of that psycho robot.

  11. Psycho robots and gradual shifts? Oh my! Yea for the blank screen that we so unanimously hate!

  12. The blue screen of death! YES!!!

    I was thinking I could relate to this until I realized that nope, I don't have any robots in my house. Let alone homicidal ones.

    I am going to go count my blessings now... thanks for the reminder to do so, Grandma!

  13. LOL, yeah people better be happy with what they have cause it could get worse.


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