Never On A Sunday

Not this Sunday at any rate, but hopefully by Monday evening, I'll post the next installment of Convictions

Life has been hectic here.  The aftermath of flooding was an influx of insects, particularly ants.  Had to leave the house yesterday while they were being fumigated.  The good news is that we saw "How To Train Your Dragon" while we were out.  And that there is no sign of the nasty little critters today. Good thing, because the temperature just reached 100F and there's plenty of humidity to enhance that sweltering feeling.  Sufficient misery without adding the ants.    My granddaughter added to the day by falling and cutting her thumb.  It bled.  Profusely.  Finally got it stopped.  The excitement never ends!

My blog is up at the new domain, but I'm still repairing some links and dealing with some other idiosyncrasies.

So there's my excuses.  Hope you'll return tomorrow.



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