Red Alert

The moment is at hand. Although she is not the first to travel here, it doesn't lessen the fear. She takes a step, gathers her courage and looks down. She cannot ignore the message, screaming in glaring red numbers from her scale. Oh to live in a weightless world.

Three Word Wednesday. is a meme that challenges writers to create something using three selected words. This week's words are ignore, fear and weightless. Click on the link to view other entries or submit your own.


  1. Well done my friend I don't even own a scale just for this reason LOL :)

  2. I never check. Then I never have to fear.

  3. Oh, but that would just be proof that the numbers on the scale mean nothing. Tape measure is all.

  4. I feel for this one. I hate the scale and the scale hates me. :)


  5. ouch - that hit too close to home (she said as she chews a chocolate cookie)

  6. i had to laugh how funny and light and airy... it is good to laugh


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