Running Late

I'm running a bit late.

Entertained relatives from Florida earlier in the week. Thought I'd polish my next installment after they left.

Mother Nature had a different idea. High wind and torrential rain caused some flooding in our home, covering the back half of the house with a half inch of water. Sure, it could have been worse. But it certainly has been a mess to clean up.

To top it all off, my characters started doing things I hadn't planned on. But as they did, pieces of the story fell into place. Pieces that I hadn't counted on. And they belong in the next two installments.

The bottom line - the current installment isn't ready.

The good news? I'll be publishing an installment next Friday and another one on Saturday. Hope you'll be back to check them out.


  1. Flooding, oh my gosh that's the worst. Good luck with that & all I can say with that is throw away what you can & disinfect, disinfect and then disinfect again! Goodness. I hope things get better for ya! Thought I'd stop by & say hi.

  2. I'm (very slowly) writing a novel... haven't done a word for about 2 months... but I know what you mean about the characters not doing what you want


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