The Bad Old Days

I'm still wiping tears from my eyes.  Calico and I just finished watching  Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice and they were tear-jerkers.  We're a bit behind in our viewing, so they weren't this week's episodes. No problem, of course.  Calico has scheduled our favorites to record and we watch them when we have the time.  It's hard to remember what it was like before we could record everything.

Actually, I've been recording for a long while.  I got hooked on the soap, All My Children, when I was working a night shift.  When I switched to days, I wasn't ready to give it up.  So I hitched the TV and the cassette recorder to a timer.  When I got home, there was an audio tape of my soap waiting for me.  Having watched the show for years, I had no problem identifying the actors' voices or picturing the scenes.  I thought it was a pretty impressive setup.  Pretty cheesy in retrospect.  When it comes to technology, I'll take the good new days.



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