What's In A Name

NaNoWriMo has begun.

The clock had barely moved past midnight when I started writing. By 4AM, I had spewed 2845 words into my word processing software. That's substantially more than the daily target. I’m hoping to get a couple days of leisure somewhere in the month or a little wiggle room when the creative impulse gets blocked.

Speaking of wiggly, Chapter 1 begins with a wiggly puppy. Is Grandma writing a 50,000 word children's book? I assure you, that's not the case. 

Essentials contains subject matter that has no place in children's literature. No, not the racy stuff. I'm talking about hatred and intolerance.  A character filled with these emotions would not use politically correct terms to describe those whose race, social status, religious beliefs or sexual orientation differ from his own. I need to use the terms that he would use. Those words offend me. I cringe as I put them on paper. I understand the difference between the author and the story. When reading a novel, it's never been a problem. It seems different when I do it.

The words will stay. But I'm still cringing.



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