In the Nick of Time

I decided from the start, that once a week, I would take a break from writing my novel. That means that I have to do a higher word count each day, of course, but a day off each week makes it worthwhile. I was more than ready today and throughly enjoyed my break.

I hadn't intended to take a blogging break. I did that all summer and I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. Suddenly, it's 11:54PM and I realize I haven't posted. I mentioned it to Calico, who gasped and ran to her blog.

Calico has an excuse. We woke up to a cold house this am, the pilot light on the furnace won't stay lit. She researched and replaced the most likely part. No luck. She researched some more. Next possibility is the gas valve, something that will require professional services. She blocked a couple doorways with sheets and started the space heater in our main room. Things warmed up and we'll be fine until we can call someone on Monday. Calico continued her day, completing coursework for her business and accounting classes and fixing dinner. She's been busy.

And what's Grandma done? Played with virtual pets, took a nap, ate and ... Hmmm. Guess that's it. At least I'm good at relaxing!



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