It's Beginning To Look

a lot like Christmas?

I don't like rushing things. Over the years, the commercialized side of Christmas has done just that. When I was younger, the Christmas themes arrived at the stores on the day after Thanksgiving. Eventually, they got more aggressive. Turkeys and mistletoe sat side by side. Soon they started showing up with the witches and ghosts. I don't go to the stores much now. Just as well, I fear I'd find them sitting next to the Independence Day decorations.

So I'm a bit embarrassed to admit that I spent a good part of today perusing Christmas clip-art. Sure, I had my reasons. I'm preparing a tutorial for the Christmas edition of my graphic group's newsletter. At the beginning, it felt strange. The strangeness began to recede. As the day wore on, the Christmas spirit began to prevail. Although I had gathered enough material, I couldn't seem to stop. I'll just look at one more image or perhaps one more page. Wait, make that one more site. Only the hour and the need to post halted my Yuletide insanity.

Fear not. I will not post any Christmas pics today. I can't promise more than that. But perhaps I could convince Calico to decorate our tree.

Ho Ho Ho!



  1. No I will not, the day after Thanksgiving is quite soon enough for all of that.


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