I Did It Their Way

So I finished the sixth chapter of Essentials around 4am.  It wasn't until I stopped that I noticed the tears trickling down my cheeks.  I've had stories move me to tears before, but never one of my own.  Usually I'm too busy thinking about what comes next or what needs to be changed to experience any emotion from my writing.  Perhaps I was just tired.  Still I wondered.  So later in the day I asked Calico to read it.  Same effect.

Part of the NaNoWriMo writing process irritates me.  I like to correct errors as I see them.   It's hard to stop reviewing and editing.  Previous chapters linger in my mind, whispering seductively.  "Come back,  I'll change for you."  It's a struggle to resist.

Still the process has it's advantages.  Thoughts flow and details I've never considered find their way into the writing.  And then there is Chapter 6.  Perhaps I'll stick with NaNoWriMo a bit longer.

9,416 words and still writing.


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