Gone Fishin'

 Clarkie comes from a techie household, so it's not surprising that his early years began with a little virtual fishing.  Are you feeling sorry for the poor, hungry little guy?  Relax.  That pic was taken several years ago.  Today he weighs in at 20 pounds.  Probably more, but he's too embarassed to reveal the exact number. LOL.


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  1. Sometimes it's fun to watch TV ! My cat Arthur loves Golf. Each time the ball falls into a hole he looks under the TV set to find it, lol !

  2. How cute. Our little dog used to check behind the TV for dogs when she'd hear them barking. Of course, she never found anything. :)

  3. I adore kitties! What a cute photo!

  4. Whoah! 20 pounds is a lot for a cat!

    I have something for you. Come by my blog and see.


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