Love In The Air - Part 1

It was February 2nd, when Janet Ward heard the sound of shoveling and peeked out the window. As she had expected, it was her mailman, Kevin. He was such a thoughtful young man. Whenever it had snowed, he would take a few minutes to clear her front steps and the short path to the sidewalk. She hurried to the kitchen and got a small bag that had been filled with heart shaped sugar cookies, iced with a pink glaze. She reached the door just as Kevin was returning the shovel to it's hook near the door.

“Good morning, Miss Ward. How are you doing today?”

“Pretty well, thanks, Kevin. Thanks so much for clearing the path.”

“Can't have you falling, Miss Ward. Better stay inside until it warms a bit more. If you need anything at the store, just let me know. I could go after I get off from work.”

“I don't have plans to go anywhere, Kevin, but thank you for your kind offer. Oh, wait. Here's a little something for you.”

Kevin peered in the bag and grinned.

“Thanks, Miss Ward. No one makes better cookies than you. And this is the first valentine's gift I've received in a long while. “

“A nice young man like you? I find that hard to believe.”

“Not that young, I'm afraid. I'll be 32 next month. Guess I scare off most of the eligible ladies.”

He pointed to the left side of his face, then patted his head.

“Not fair that I went bald early either. “ He grinned ruefully.

Janet knew about his face. Kevin had once told her about the car accident that had caused permanent damage to his left eye and facial muscles when he was only 10 years old. The left side of his face had less movement than the right and he always wore glasses. Still, he was quite attractive. A strong physique, an honest face, a kind and gentle spirit. These were the things she saw. These were the ones that mattered.

“I'm almost three times as old as you, Kevin. So stop acting like you're over the hill. Any young lady should be proud to be with you.”

Kevin ducked his head bashfully and checked his sack for her mail. A couple of advertisements, the electric bill and a bright red envelope.

“Miss Ward, it looks like you have a valentine.”

Her lined cheeks blushed with pleasure.

“I wonder who it's from. I haven't received a valentine in over 20 years.

“Well that's a shame, Miss Ward, because you surely deserve some.”

“Thanks, Kevin. You have a good day.”

She took the valentine back inside and placed it on the table next to her rocking chair.

Heading back to the kitchen, she fixed a cup of tea and put a sugar cookie on a plate. She returned to the chair and looked at the envelope again. No return address. The postmark was local. Who was it from?

There was only one way to find out. She carefully opened the envelope and pulled out the beautiful card. It was obviously an expensive one. The front read “For someone very special.” Inside was a pretty verse and below them the words, “From an admirer”.

Who was it from?
Check back on Friday for Part 2. Then look for the conclusion on Valentine's Day.



  1. No fair again. you always keep me hanging. I am an impatient reader.


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