What is it about machines?

They look like inanimate objects. But I'm positive they are possessed by evil beings that sense when we need them most. Then they choose that moment to break down. Consider the copy machine before any presentation with a lot of handouts. The oven while you're cooking Thanksgiving dinner. The car when you're headed to the “can not miss” appointment.

Today, while Calico and I were trying to boost our virtual pet club ranking before the 2pm cutoff. We were working feverishly, when suddenly my browser came to a near standstill. When Calico was not using her PC, I did OK. But when both of us were working, my internet speed made that tortoise look like a speed demon. We generally use our computers at the same time without a problem. My granddaughter frequently joins us to do online school work. It still runs smoothly. So why did it come to a halt today? Because we needed it.

Some say that the stories about evil computers and robots taking over the world is science fiction. Grandma knows better.



  1. It never fails. When you need some thing the most it will pook out on you.

    The Simple Things Challenge


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