Romance By The Numbers

Thursday Thirteen - Grandma isn't listless anymore

'Tis the season for romance. February 14th approaches and in it's
honor I've stretched the list to 14 and added lots of love.
  1. chance encounter
  2. people saying, "Don't I know you?"
  3. minutes of remembering where
  4. hours of reminiscing in a coffee shop
  5. days of waiting for him to call
  6. days before the first date
  7. hours of flirtation
  8. weeks of putting their best foot forward
  9. months of getting to know and love the real person
  10. roses and a diamond ring
  11. months of planning
  12. hours of celebrating with family and friends
  13. days of honeymooning
  14. months pass and there's a new little person to love


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  1. i dont wanna limit romance to a day ever :)

    but this is a good list grandma

    Wife Resume

  2. A few of these reminded me of how glad I am not to be single anymore, many of them though made me smile and remember the sweet innocence and nervousness of dating. Thanks for the memories and Happy TT!

  3. Ahhhhhhhh, Love is in the air!!!

    Had to giggle tho, at #13...what happens at 'the end' of all the romance. So THAT'S what causing it, huh? [kidding]

    Come join me if you can...Mine is Thirteen CAT EXPRESSIONS...not photos, word expressions. Find it HERE. Have a wonderful day ahead.

  4. Enjoyed your list! Happy Thursday 13!

  5. What a wonderful list!

    Happy Thursday!

  6. Many of these bring a little sadness to my heart, since my husband's brain injury, he asks me every day, "who are you".

  7. How romantic, what a great list! :)

    Oh, Judy,J, just read your comment above. How sad. Sorry to hear that. That must be very difficult for you.

    Here is my T13 if you'd like to peek.


  8. Love them all!
    I also love the border collie in your background - looks like my sweet Lucie!
    Have a wonderful week! Happy Thursday!

  9. This is terrific and so clever. My TT is up.


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