Grandma's Lost

Anyone out there follow Lost?  It's a TV series where a few people survive a plane crash and live on an island.  Not just any island, but one with special magnetic properties that cause all kinds of strange things to happen.  A guy in a wheelchair survives the crash and walks.  Lots of dead people appear and  have chats with some of the survivors.  Rival groups who have inhabited the island before the crash fight for control of it. The survivors learn the history of the island when they are transported back and forth through time.  And when some of them finally get off the island and return home to the present time, what do they do?  Decide to relive the crash and do it all over again.

A bit surreal?  Talk about understatement.   Even as I give this recap, it sounds so weird that I wonder why I watch it.  Calico recorded the 2 hour opening episode that aired earlier this week.  Tonight we watched the first half.  Evidently time travel has become a bit boring.  Now the characters are living in two different time periods simultaneously.  What kind of strange people do they produce this show for?

Grandma waves hand enthusiastically and screams “Me!”



  1. Hot guys, nearly deserted tropical island, gorgeous ocean view... What more could a girl ask for? Looking forward to the second half of that show tomorrow.

  2. I've never watched this show but did wonder what it was about.

    Characters from Sean the Vampire


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