Rumor Has It

There is no humor,
in spreading a rumor.
They cause so much sorrow and pain.

Still like a tumor,
a tenacious rumor
will surface again and again.

I claim that I hate it.
But do I abate it?
Stop it or just hear it through?

And what if it's true?
So I share it with you.
How do they spread? We haven't a clue!


  1. Excellent words on rumour. Enjoyed that.

  2. A very nice little poem to hopefully squash rumors.

  3. Very Good.

    Thanking you for stopping by.

  4. Nicely written.
    You commented on my "Rumors are like bloomers" adage. I actually made that up. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing this poem. It's really cute.

  5. Your poems are always entertaining! And so true!


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