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Thursday Thirteen - Grandma isn't listless anymore

You've won a multi-million dollar lottery. But there is a catch. You have to spend it on yourself. You can't donate to charitable causes, establish scholarship foundations, give gifts to family and friends, place it in trusts or fund research to cure cancer. You get the idea. The money must be spent on yourself. If you live with other people, you can purchase things that they would enjoy, but it must be something that you would also like. Using that premise, I challenged myself to come up with 13 things I'd buy for myself.

Good Health
I know that money can't guarantee good health, but I'd be willing to spend money on the best specialists and treatments that money can buy. I'd like to know what could be done outside the limitations of health insurance and meager finances.

A Motorized Scooter
If money can't buy perfect health, I'd enjoy some things that make living easier. I'd love the mobility that those scooters provide.

A New House
Custom built with a full basement and attic. Wood floors with radiant heating. A large study with custom built shelving and three desks. Okay, I wouldn't be using all three of those desks. But I wouldn't enjoy it without Calico and Muffin. I don't care how many stories, but it has to have an elevator to all of them. Location? On a waterfront. Or the top of a mountain. OK, I'll take both. After all, I am a multi millionaire.

I'd really enjoy picking out some new furnishings without concern for cost. I might even enjoy the shopping more than the purchase. There's a few things I wouldn't replace: my mother's hope chest; an antique desk from my grandparents. But I'd have a lot of fun filling the rest of that new house with anything my heart desired.

Grand Piano
Not that my playing is so grand, but they make everything sound a little better. And besides, they look so, hmm, well ... grand!

Even if I don't drive much, it's nice to know that I could do it anytime I wanted to. So I want one for Calico and one for myself. My favorite car was my 2000 Buick Century. Everything about it was just right for me. I liked the color, the comfort of the seats, the size and the way that it drove. I even liked the style of cup holder that came with it. That was changed in later versions. So I'd have them build a brand new one just like that for me.

One outside, one inside. I loved one in a hotel that was surrounded by palm trees and greenery. You could hear birds twittering in the trees. Yeah, I know that was piped music, but I loved it anyway. I want the little thatched hut where drinks and snacks are made. And someone to bring them to me as I lounge by the side of the pool.

That would feel so wonderful on the days when my bones are aching. And even if those miracle docs cure the arthritis, I'd take it just for relaxation value. Needless to say, there would also be staff nearby to increase the relaxation with a lengthy massage.

I'd like some new appliances for my house. But I'll skip the stainless steel stuff. I really miss the Bosch dishwasher that we had in our home in Georgia. It was super quiet and had a built-in garbage disposal, so the dishes didn't have to be cleaned before they were cleaned. Unlike the current evil dishwasher, it never overflowed. If they make one that loads dishes straight from the table and returns them to the cupboard after the dry cycle, I'm willing to spend the money.

Both Calico and I are dish addicts. See a new pattern and we want it. Same goes for crystal and flatware. I'm giddy just thinking about unlimited buying. Guess I'd better be sure the new house can hold all of it.

Techie Stuff
Why have that custom built office, if I can't fill it with state of the art computers and software. These are the things that warm an aging geek's heart. Hmm, maybe that's what I need instead of a pricey cardiologist.

Media Room
Guess that's part of the house. But I want it fully stocked with all my favorite movies available at the touch of a button. Got to have big comfy reclining chairs. I want a popcorn machine and cold drinks. And my favorite movie theater candy, Jujy Fruits.

Who wants to take care of all this stuff? Guess I'd better have lots of staff to keep everything in tiptop shape. But I don't want my privacy invaded. Maybe I'll skip the staff and get myself a magic wand. How much do those things cost? What if I won another lottery?


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  1. This was a good idea, I'm nicking it for myself for next week! I can think of 13 things I'd spend the money on (for myself) :)

  2. I am so glad I get to live in this house with you. Just remember that the house on the mountain near the ocean also needs to be close to a zoo with penguins and some fun museums. Cause you don't want to make the Muffin sad. ~ Calico Contemplations

  3. I'd buy a house. Then I'd go for the health thing. That was a good idea, and might swallow up everything that was left.

  4. Well then, let's win a billion dollar lottery. Then we can build museums and a zoo down the road from that mountain near the ocean. Had you noticed that I said nothing about hiring a chef? My current one does a terrific job!

  5. Obviously I will need to win my own lottery if I am ever going to get a break from cooking. Maybe I could buy a company that would make super low sodium prepackaged foods...

  6. I'd hope it wouldn't change my life ... yeah, right !! :-)

  7. Maybe in each of your rooms you should have a button to push as you leave it. When your staff hears the sound they can then go into the room and clean. When finished cleaning they retreat back to their space and wait for their next assignment. No invasion of privacy and no work for you.

  8. What a great list... I think I would get a couple of them as well!!

    Mine is up as well at AussiePomm, have a great TT!!

  9. This was a good idea. I might try it next week.



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