Here are the week's questions from Curious As A Cat. Check out this link and have fun coming up with your own answers. Here are mine for Week #201:

1) Do you know any professional athletes?
Know? If I ran into one, I wouldn't recognize who they were. The term "sports illiterate" doesn't begin to describe my ignorance in this area. I didn't know who OJ Simpson was until he went on trial.

2) What one thing frightens you the most about growing old?
Becoming invisible. I slid into old age quite rapidly, when I became seriously ill a few years ago. At my workplace, I was respected for my problem solving abilities. Colleagues frequently asked for my opinion. One day I was working in this environment. Less than 24 hours later, I was lying on an ICU bed. Health professionals stood next to it, discussing me as if I wasn't there. Questions and explanations were directed to my daughter. I had become invisible. Many people translate my physical frailties to mental ones. They may be kind, but it's obvious that they don't take me seriously.

3) Have you ever harvested fruits or vegetables?
Just today I harvested a crop of jelly beans from my Superpoke Pet garden. Oh yeah, they're not fruits or vegetables. It's been a lot of years, but when I lived in NY, I had a garden every year. Generally the crops turned out well. Corn was an exception. It grew well, but squirrels would climb the stalks and steal it, just before it was ready to be eaten.

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.
I smell and taste citrus fruit. When I was growing up, fresh produce could become very scare in winter months. What was available, was generally of poor quality. The highlight of the winter was receiving a crate of oranges and grapefruit from relatives who wintered in Florida. My mouth is watering now. Guess I'll be having grapefruit for breakfast.



  1. I am sorry that people take your physical frailties as a sign of mental fraility. Your mind seems very strong to me, just from what I have read.


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