More Than Enough

Thursday Thirteen - Grandma isn't listless anymore

Last week I listed things that I'd love to do more than once.
Today, things I don't like get equal air time.

One of the things I don't want to do
is eat cottage cheese.
Baked beans make two.

I really hate funerals,
they don't comfort me.
That's why on this list, they're number three.

What's earned a place as number four?
Cleaning clothes, house or dishes -
there's always more.

Laying in hospital barely alive,
is truly not fun.
But it is number five.

I'm not successful and don't get my kicks
raising money for charity.
That's number six.

I like making bread, using yeast as a leaven.
But when it won't rise,
that's number seven.

Paying the bills is number eight.
And on creditors' lists
when I am late.

Am I included with people who whine?
I'm hoping not,
'cause that's number nine.

Put foot in mouth. Yes, that's number ten.
Someday I'll keep quiet,
I'm just not sure when.

Fog, snow and ice, whether driving or driven,
Are just too much stress.
Now the count is eleven

Late for anything.
Making a scene.
I try to avoid numbers twelve and thirteen.

Think this rhyme is the worst that you've seen?
Could I have one more?
Critiques are fourteen.


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  1. The thing about funerals is that if I miss one, I spend years afterwords reaching for that person.

  2. Fun list! (minus funerals...those are never fun.)

    I liked cottage cheese when I was a kid, but I can't stand it now. Weird.

    Happy TT!

  3. Fabulous poem! I don't enjoy paying bills, either. Or cottage cheese! Great T13!!!!!

  4. Very clever!!! I don't mind the laundry, it's the folding and putting away that gives me fits.

  5. Now that was a Fun Read!
    Very Nice TT-
    thank you for your witty words.

  6. I loved your rhyme. I'm definitely not keen on housework, but I can live with cottage cheese occasionally. ;)

  7. I've done some crazy Thirteens, but never one in verse. I must now rise to the challenge because despite your protests, this is quite awesome!

  8. Fun list. Love to see it done in this style!

  9. Wow. In poetry no less. *is impressed*

  10. Very good. I liek your lists.


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