Days Of The Week

During a three week hospitalization, I was visited numerous time by a health professional who was obviously there to evaluate my mental competency. What's your name? Where are you? Why are you here? What day of the week is it? I loved the day of the week question. There was a large daily calendar on the wall of my ICU room. The walls were pretty bare and it was hard to miss. If I had forgotten, I just looked up at the wall.

Nowadays, I fear I might not answer that question as easily. While I think I'm fairly sharp, my current life has little to anchor me to dates. When I worked, the days of the week were rarely muddled. Let me assure you that I never went to work on the weekend because I thought it was a Thursday. My granddaughter's school days provided that same anchor once I was no longer working. Things got a little muddled in the summer, but a new school year would get me back on track. This year, she is home schooled. It's proven to be an excellent choice, but left me searching for a new anchor.

I think I've found it in television. That's funny, because I never watched a lot of TV. When I was young and the rest of the family gathered around the set to watch evening shows, I would wander off and read a book. In 1991, an ice storm left me without power for over two weeks. About 3 months later, I received a notice from the cable company. They were offering a credit for the time that I had been without cable service. I just had to tell them how long that was. I didn't know. The TV hadn't been turned on since the power was restored.

Over the last few years, my interest has increased. When I was physically incapable of doing much else, TV proved to be a welcome diversion. My daughter introduced me to some shows that she enjoyed. Gradually, I acquired quite a viewing repertoire. Talent competitions are favorites. Medical shows are up there too, but I want them with a large dose of romance and humor. My daughter dubs this “hot doctors acting badly”. The list is growing. Rapidly.

Some might ask if this is a healthy thing. Of course it is. No longer do I wonder what day of the week it is. If Desperate Housewives is on, it must be Sunday. Ooh, gotta run . . .


  1. So glad you are enjoying your addiction, only 8 days, 20 hours, and 58 minutes and counting to the start of American Idol!


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