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i am a geek

If your eyesight is good or you're handy with your browser's zoom feature, you may have noticed that Grandma's image has "Geeky Grandma" on the bottom right corner of the PC. I certainly consider myself a geek and I'm quite proud of it. Does the rest of the world view me as one? What qualifies a person for this honor? Can you become a certified geek?

Imagine my delight to find a questionnaire to assess my geek qualifications. I played fair on it. I wanted to have my geekiness confirmed and know that I had genuinely earned this fine title. I was worried for a while, seems that role playing and science fiction films play a huge part in the assessment. I'm pretty weak in that area. What if I failed? What if I had to remove my Geeky Grandma title? I held my breath and crossed my fingers as I waited for my score. And then I read the results.

Dramatic pause . . .

I did it. Grandma is now a fully qualified geek. Not just a few geekish tendencies. I am a certified geek. In all honesty, I did not get the highest possible score. I'm not a Dysfunctional Geek or even a Geek God. Sigh. But I've got my certificate and that's enough.

Click on the certification picture above, if you're wondering if you qualify. Or want to assure yourself that you don't.


  1. I've been retired 9+ years and my geekiness has been left in the dust although I'm ahead of many seniors. I'd just love to figure out how to print a file from my Family Tree Maker 2008. I never had a problem in the earlier version.


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