Like most children, I was never that anxious to go to bed. Having to take a nap was considered severe punishment. Rare occasions to stay up late were treasured.

The years quickly changed that attitude. Holding down a full time job, working towards my college degree and caring for home and family left me craving for opportunities to snooze. Sleep arrived seconds after I lay down. Those who had difficulty sleeping got little compassion from me. If they couldn't sleep, they should get up and do something. They'd be sure to sleep the next night.

This one has certainly come back to haunt me. A good night's sleep has become as elusive as the winning lottery ticket. Four years ago I had surgery that saved my life. It also left me with a fair amount of pain. Some nights the pain is responsible for the sleep shortage. But on many others, the reason is not as clear. The pattern varies as well. I might fall into a deep sleep only to wake up in an hour. Or I might just toss and turn for a couple of hours, becoming so uncomfortable that I give up in frustration.

I try to take the advice that I so cavalierly passed out when I was younger. I get up and try to do something. But I feel so sleepy that it's hard to focus on anything. I convince myself that I can sleep now and return to bed. I get back up. The night drags on.

Nowadays, I sleep when I can. That's just what I did today, when I finally was able to sleep around mid morning after a totally sleepless night. It was a restful sleep and I awoke with a clear head.

And started to blog . . .



  1. I have had that same exact problem. I have a fair amount of pain also.
    I was telling my aunt about this no sleeping issue and she recommended trying a cup of hot cocoa. I know that it shouldn't work because of the sugar and caffeine but it does. For me a cup of cocoa lets me drift off into dreamland.

  2. I'd heard that warm milk has that effect, but hot cocoa sounds like a lot yummier version. Thanks for the tip.


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