Saturday's Stories

If you've ever enjoyed reading a good book, you've probably thought about writing one. It might have been just a passing thought. Or some good ideas for a plot. Even if you've never put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), the idea of writing a novel is intriguing. While some might be happy with that substantial accomplishment, most of us want more - publish it, spend months on the best seller list. Part of the allure is probably financial, but the thought of so many people absorbed in something you wrote is pretty heady stuff too. A literary rock star.

My head is filled with snippets of plots. Lacking the motivation to take it further, it's highly unlikely that my thoughts will be translated into a novel or be published.

Or is it? In the blogging world, I never touch a piece of paper. I don't spend days or years completing a masterpiece. I just put down a couple of thoughts and hit the Publish button. Okay, no best seller yet. But I have never received a rejection letter. Everything I write is published. Hardly a rock star, but a start.

So next Saturday, you'll see me begin to use this approach to write my first novel. Or novella. Or short story... I have no idea just how far it will go. But I have some ideas for a story titled Convictions. Hope you'll come along for the ride.


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