What Are You Doing Next Weekend?

Yesterday, I posted the first installment of my novel, Convictions. I'd thought about writing for a long time, but it had never become a reality. How satisfying to finally take that first step.

If you've ever thought about writing - a story, a poem, a novel - here's an opportunity for you to join others with similar aspirations. Calico and I have started the Weekend Writer's Retreat. This meme will give you the opportunity to share what you have written and receive feedback from other writers.

Your writing submissions will be accepted from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening each week.  So get ready for the first round which begins next Friday, January 22nd.  Sift through your literary creations and make a choice.  Or start writing.  Now!



  1. This Writer's Weekend came at the perfect time for me. I have a story fairly bursting to get out of me but yet I kept putting it off. Because who would read it. Now I have a reason to put it out there. But it will be in installments, I hope that is OK.

  2. Absolutely OK. So glad that you will be joining us. Can't wait to read your first installment.


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